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I am excited to at last begin this blog as a companion to Tangerine Photography’s main site! Here you will find tips and tricks regarding motherhood, child-rearing, child photography, and of course details about my clients, shoots, and creative work.

To get this blog rolling, I’d like to take a minute to talk about the role of mothers in my photo shoots. Motherhood, while a rewarding, beautiful, challenging experience (so I’ve heard!), often involves making the switch from placing yourself number one to number two. Once a new addition to the family arrives, your priorities and day-to-day schedule, no surprise, suddenly revolve around them. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, mothers (and fathers) sneak in time to take plenty of photos and videos of their little one. However, of all the hundreds of pictures mothers take of their new babies, how many of those pictures are they in? If there are pictures that include them, how many of them were taken by someone other than themselves or their partner? Not many.

At the end of the day, new mothers often don’t have many pictures of them with their child. That’s the reason why when new mothers book a shoot with me, I encourage them to get in front of the camera! I know that scooting in the picture along with your little one might seem counter-intuitive, but once the prints have been developed and your child is toddling or attending elementary for the first time and you look back at pictures from their infancy, it really does mean the world to have beautiful photographs of your child and you.

So mothers, especially new or first-time mothers: get in front of that lens, too! And trust in us to get the lighting and the sentiment perfectly right. Infant pictures are always precious mementos to cherish, but doubly so if you are in some of them, too.

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