Early Morning Photoshoot!

Hello all! I hope this past week has been enjoyable since I talked to you last!

Often on here I will post summaries of the photo shoots I’ve recently had the pleasure of doing. A week and a half ago, on July 18, I had the joy of photographing a young family at a bright and sunny early morning shoot in the courtyard of the beautiful St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church, in Toronto’s West End. Present at the shoot were Mom, Dad, Sophie, their emphatic 3-year-old, and Nicole, their precious 7-month-old.

Two regular clients of mine, Sophie and Nicole’s parents were eager to book another shoot to capture the growth of their two little girls. Sophie and Nicole are adorable, loving sisters, and they photographed wonderfully together! Baby Nicole loved to have Daddy sing her favourite nursery rhymes to her as she giggled with glee for the camera. Later, Big Sister Sophie talked with us about her favourite colours, one of which was blue to match her big blue eyes. Mom and Dad were also great photographer’s assistants, at one point donning some of my silly animal ears to get laughs from Sophie and Nicole. It worked! Both girls were delighted by Daddy’s floppy brown dog ears and Mommy’s brand-new furry, pink bunny ears!

It was a lovely day, a delightful shoot, and of course we captured some more great memories for the family! I love doing on-location shoots because we get to spend some time in the fresh air and the sunshine and laugh and play in nature! On-location shoots are a breeze to schedule and shoot (no need to clean up your living room!), and their laid-back approach helps to capture simple and natural photographs every time.

A big thank-you goes out to our stars of the day, Sophie and Nicole, and to Mom and Dad for helping to bring the laughs and keep the energy up!

Till next week,



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