Photoshoot - Charlotte

Hello again!

A couple of weeks I ago I had the pleasure of photographing baby Charlotte. Charlotte is the baby of her family of four children, and her two older brothers and younger sister were there at the shoot also! Baby Charlotte was all summer-ready in her little orange flower-print dress and matching necklace (kudos to Mom and Dad for their good taste!), and Dad was at work during the shoot, so Mom was there supervising and making sure Charlotte got her chance to shine. Charlotte is such a happy, giggly baby that making her smile was effortless, and photographing her was a breeze! Big brothers and big sis kept her entertained, and coaxed smiles from her throughout the shoot. Then all the kids got in together at the end for a few shots, giggling amongst themselves and being a bit silly. The energy was great!

I’ve photographed all the children in the family throughout the years, and now baby Charlotte will have her pictures hung up on the wall along with those of her brothers and sister. It’s always a joy for me to photograph each child in a family over time and see how much they’ve grown from one shoot to another! You can check out the darling pictures of Charlotte below, and I’ll speak to you soon.



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